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Imageiry Create a dynamic image representing your content for sharable content. To make it look stunning 👈.

See the images in real facebook post :



*Also,You can use imageiry to : *

  • Turn your HTML Design into image.
  • When you use Open Graph tags to attach rich photos, you need an image, and ideally, an image based on your content
  • Enahnce the outfit for sharble content ( With createing unquie meta image for each artical or blog )

What is an Open Graph Image?

Have you ever posted a hyperlink to Twitter, Facebook, or Slack and seen an image popup? How did your social network know how to "unfurl" the URL and get an image? The answer is in your <head>.

The Open Graph protocol says you can put a <meta> tag in the <head> of a webpage to define this image.

It looks like the following:

  <meta property="og:image" content="http://example.com/logo.jpg" />

Why use this service?

Read the blog post for more info on the "Why" part.

The short answer is that it would take a long time to painstakingly design an image for every single blog post. And we don't want the exact same image for every blog post because that wouldn't make the article stand out when it was shared to Twitter.

That's where imageiry.com comes in. We can simply pass the title of our blog post to our generator service and it will generate the image for us on the fly!

It looks like the following:

  <title>Hello World</title>
  <meta property="og:image" content="https://www.imageiry.com/api/default?title=Write%20your%20text&url=www.Imageiry.com" />

Now try changing the title text Write%20your%20text to the title of your choosing and watch the magic happen ✨


Imageiry has an direct api to convert any HTML based design into image

http://www.imageiry.com/convert [POST]

Field Description
html Any html content
Note: Imageiry will convert the body of the page only.


Ready made templates.

Default Template

Using dynamic images for your content enrich your website and ideally enhance your user experience especially for sharable content.

http://www.imageiry.com/api/default [GET]

Paramter Description
title _required
url required
color optional

Response image


Using dynamic images for your content enrich your website and ideally enhance your user experience especially for sharable content.

*Example *:


API http://www.imageiry.com/api/movie [GET]

Paramter state
title required
description required
moreInfo required
rate required
tag required
likes optional
backgroundImage optional
posterImage optional


http://www.imageiry.com/api/movie?title=How%20to%20be%20awesome&description=be%20like%20man&moreInfo=This%20is%20more%20info%20about%20the%20link&rate=3&tag=PG-13 🚦


Generate imge for each artical you write. Fully customized title,author,color,image

  • How it looks like on social media.




API http://www.imageiry.com/api/article [GET]

Paramter state
title required
author required
image optional


http://www.imageiry.com/api/article?title=Build%20software%20better,%20together.&author=Ahmed%20Ibrahim 🚦

To Create you own (FREE) template please feel free to contact us : help@Imageiry.com

To be continued.💫

Please share your thoughts if there is anything is missing.